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We’re sincere to buyer and trying to make them satisfied all the time with high qualified machines and services,
which is we could somehow exchange our expertise in this field.

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  • Happy New Year Greeting Card

  • HSC

  • 2019.12.30

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  • 2020 SME with Outstanding Employee Development Programs

  • HSC

  • 2019.12.27

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    • Certificate of 《SME with Outstanding Employee Development Programs》 is to certify that the above-mentioned companyisan SME(small and mediumenterprise) with outstanding employee development programs in accordance with Article 18-2 of the Special Act on Support for Human Resources of Small and Medium Enterprises.
      HSC will be named on 《SME with Outstanding Employee Development Programs》 on 1st 2020 to 2022 by Ministry of SMEs and Startups Republic of Korea.

      Thank you and best regards,
      HSC CO., LTD.

      Reference Image as below Ministry of SMEs

      Haesuk Lee, HSC CFO had been given the certification as representative of HSC at Presenatation Ceremony on 26th December


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  • 2019 Best Valuable SMEs in Gyeonggi-Province

  • HSC

  • 2019.12.03

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    • 《The best valuable SMEs in Gyeonggi-Province》 is certification system for growth of SMEs leading local economy.
      This certification system based on selection criteria, which is "Safety" and "Growth" in balance sheet, "QA(Quality Assurance)" and so on.
      We, HSC are satisfied with these criteria then nominated as 《The best valuable SMEs in Gyeonggi-Province》.
      HSC promises to make every effort to offer the good quality products and service. 

      Thank you and best regards,
      HSC CO., LTD.

      Presentation Ceremony in 2018 Reference Image ⓒGyeounggi-Province


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  • 2019 Good Small & Medium Business To Work

  • HSC

  • 2019.11.04

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    • At this time last year, HSC won the award of 《Good Corporation》by Gyeonggi province in Korea 2018.
      In 2019 HSC has been chosen as 《Good Small & Medium Business To Work》 on 28th October.
      The title is given by evaluations of credit rating, sales figure, earning rate and employees' satisfaction.
      The evaluations are completed from authorized evaluation agencies in Korea
      ; Korea Employment Information Service, Korea Enterprise Data and so on.
      HSC, we are making a concerted effort to live up to its title obligations and contributing on better local growth.

      Thank you & Best Regard
      HSC Co.,LTD.

      The Good Small & Medium Business To Work Award in 2017

      The Good Corporation Award in 2018


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  • New Homepage HSC

  • HSC

  • 2019.09.09

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    • HSC Homepage has been renewal for user convenience.
      On laptop, mobile or any device you can easily connect with us than before.
      Using QR codes, you can get more information of products.
      Moreover you are able to mail us on button 'connect' without board writting as before.
      The QR codes you meet via our new catalogue on exhibtions we'll participate in. Please visit our homepage and booth of exhibitions frequently. 

      Thank you and Regards,
      HSC Co.,LTD.