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We’re sincere to buyer and trying to make them satisfied all the time with high qualified machines and services,
which is we could somehow exchange our expertise in this field.

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  • HSC

  • 2024.05.24

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      Come here and experience HSC Korea's own cosmetics and beauty devices for yourself!


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  • Gyeonggi-do Carbon Border Tax Response Carbon Emissions Calculation Support Consulting Project

  • HSC

  • 2024.05.16

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    • On May 14, 2024, HSC KOREA was selected for the 'Gyeonggi-do Carbon Border Tax Response Carbon Emissions Calculation Support Consulting Project' and participated in the trilateral business agreement ceremony.
      It was selected for the second time this year after last year, and as the international community's awareness and importance of carbon neutrality grows,
      it will be a company that can respond well to regulations related to carbon border systems (CBAM), global supply chain management, and ESG.


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  • Thank you so much for visiting us during beautyworld JAPAN TOKYO

  • HSC

  • 2024.05.16

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    • Thank you so much for visiting us during beautyworld JAPAN TOKYO!
      See you next year :)



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  • HSC Employees' Energy Saving Campaign

  • HSC

  • 2024.05.13

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    • ** Announcement **

      #. Employee Energy Conservation Campaign

      Saving electricity and resources in your life is not that difficult.
      If you pay a little more attention to your surroundings, you can practice saving energy for the environment and the planet.

      1. Unnecessary lights should be turned off when leaving the lounge or conference room
      2. Power off or unplug unused multi-tabs
      3. Make sure to turn off the tap after using it
      4. Sometimes I use the stairs instead of the elevator
      5. Maintain proper temperature of air conditioner and heater
         (Appropriate temperature - 26–28 degrees / 18–20 degrees)
      6. Conserving living resources such as tissues and wipes

      Let's check the on/off state of the lights and the power off state of the device every day when you leave work so that energy saving can become a daily life :)


      ** 공지사항 **

      #. 임직원 에너지 절약 캠페인

      생활 속 전기, 자원 절약은 크게 어렵지 않습니다.
      주변에 조금만 더 관심을 가진다면 환경과 지구를 위한 에너지 절약을 실천할 수 있습니다.

      1. 휴게실, 회의실 등 자리를 비우거나 불필요한 조명 소등
      2. 사용하지 않는 멀티탭은 전원을 끄거나 뽑기
      3. 수도꼭지 물 사용 후 반드시 꼭 잠그기
      4. 가끔씩 엘리베이터 대신 계단 이용하기
      5. 냉난방기 실내 적정온도 유지하기
         (적정온도 - 냉방 26~28도 / 난방 18~20도)
      6. 휴지, 물티슈 등 생활자원 아껴쓰기

      매일 퇴근시 조명의 점·소등 상태 및 기기 전원 오프상태 등을 가볍게 점검하여 에너지 절약을 생활화 할 수 있도록 합시다 :)


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  • Beautyworld Japan 2024 has begun!

  • HSC

  • 2024.05.13

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    • beautyworld JAPAN TOKYO will be held today!
      You can meet HSC KOREA at E6 Hall, E037
      See you soon!


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  • Beautyworld Japan 2024 schedule

  • HSC

  • 2024.05.02

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    • HSC is participating in the 2024 Beautyworld Japan!
      Experience our products firsthand during the exhibition period!

      Beautyworld Japan
      - May 13-15 2024
      - Tokyo Big Sight
      - E037, E6 Hall


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  • April 2024 HSC Volunteer Program

  • HSC

  • 2024.04.29

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    • HSC has been volunteering with the Korea Volunteer Center since 2022 for our planet! 
      We carried out environmental cleanup volunteer work on April 25th.


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  • SHANGHAI CBE 2024 schedule

  • HSC

  • 2024.04.25

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    • HSC is participating in Shanghai CBE 2024!
      Experience our products for yourself during the exhibition


      Shanghai CBE 2024
      - May 22-24, 2024
      - Shanghai New International Exhibition Hall
      - E6F01~02


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  • Awarded for Innovative Technology Product, Dr. PLATON!

  • HSC

  • 2024.04.17

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    • HSC Korea's Dr. PLATON has been selected for the Prix H. Pierantoni de l'Innovation 2024,
      an innovative technology product competition at the Congress International Esthetique & Spa (4/13-14-15) exhibition in Paris, France!

      Please Congratulate us!
      HSC Korea will continue to strive to develop innovative products.